About Us

Strela ltd. is a family-owned business, established in 1991, located in south of Serbia. We process agricultural products for further industrial production as well as for our own final products.

Our primary production on 250 hectares of fertile land and the direct cooperation with numerous producers through financial and technical support always provides us with safe and qualitative raw material.

With a modern, standardized production  and a total storage capacity of 6.500 tons, we are able to deliver to our customers the quality they deserve and the quantity they need.



Our vision and mission

Our mission is to satisfy the food market with qualitative products which are 
safe and tasty for the end consumer

We achieve that primarily through investing in the development of the production technology, education of personnel and cooperation with local primary producers

Our vision is that our business has a positive impact on the whole supply chain, from the primary production to the plate, as well as on the local development and the environment




Word of The Founder

I have great respect for ​agricultural products, as they fed many families in my village and because I know how demanding it is to produce ​them on your own. 


Living in a small, underdeveloped village surrounded by forests, wild mushrooms and fruits were an important resource for my family and other locals. Being inspired by the long tradition of picking this flavourful and nutritious food and the possibility to process it in different ways, I started purchasing wild mushrooms from the villagers and reselling them. Soon after, with a team of several employees and my own small cold storage, I was able to start exporting mushrooms directly and expand the business on cultivated fruits too. 

With a constant rising line of development, I am proud to say that now, 30 years after, Strela has become a leading company in this industry.